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Silverwood Elementary School

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 Please report all absences to the main office at (925) 687-1150 or email within 72 hours. Include your student's name, teacher, and reason for absence. Thank you!

You can log into your Parent Portal here:  LOG IN

If you need to reset your password, you can click "forgot password."

If you have not created a Parent Account, you'll need your child's ID number, a verification code, and the primary phone number on file.  All of this information and instructions to create your account can be obtained from our office:

Creating an account video

Creating an account (pdf)

If you are brand new to Silverwood for the coming school year, letters with your HomeLink information and instructions will be mailed home in August.

At the beginning of each school year, parents are asked to log into their parent account and complete the "Data Confirmation" process and authorizations for technology use and media release.

Data Confirmation Video

Data Confirmation (pdf)

CARES is a federally funded after school program for grades K-5 right on Silverwood’s campus. The program offers enrichment as well as homework support. Silverwood will be established a CARES program for the first time in 2022-2023.

For more information, please contact Ms. Jazlynne Arzaga at 925-682-8000 x86751 or

Click here for more information about the C.A.R.E.S. Program.

C.A.R.E.S. Application (English)

C.A.R.E.S. Application (Spanish)


Lads & Lassies On-Site Daycare

(925) 687-4550

Lads and Lassie's is operated independently from Silverwood Elementary and the Mt. Diablo Unified School District

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Intradistrict and Interdistrict Transfers Grades K-5

The 23-24 Intradistrict Transfer Application for Grades K-5 will be open from February 10-April 1. For more information on the transfer process and to complete the online application, please visit

Interdistrict Transfers

Interdistrict (between two districts) transfer applications for the 23-24 school year will be available online at, beginning March 15th. Beginning this year we will only require students changing school levels to apply for their transfer.

Current approved inters in good academic, behavioral, and attendance standing do not need to submit a renewal to continue to the next school year.



Welcome!  TK and Kindergarten Enrollment will be centralized at MDUSD's new Enrollment Center, located at 1026 Mohr Lane in Concord.

Following are instructions for TK and Kindergarten Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year.  You can visit the Enrollment Calendar for available enrollment dates.  March 2 and March 6 are specific Silverwood enrollment dates, though other dates are available.  

The 23-24 Intradistrict Transfer Application for Grades K-5 will be open from February 10-April 1. For more information on the transfer process and to complete the online application, please visit

If your child is new to MDUSD next year, please begin with an online enrollment:  AIR ENROLLMENT.  If your child has ever attended MDUSD schools before, you do not need this step.

Documents needed for completing enrollment:

Child's birth certificate (Age Appropriate Grade Placement)

Child's complete immunization record

Physical Exam report

Residence Verification

Parent Photo ID

Home Language Survey

TK/K Information Page

Dental Exam report 

Transitional Kindergarten

AS OF JANUARY 27, 2022:  Transitional Kindergarten for 2022-2023 includes children with birth dates between September 2, 2017-February 2, 2018.  TK enrollment at MDUSD will be centralized, meaning once you complete an AIR enrollment, you'll then click on a link to make an appointment with Student Services at MDUSD to determine the school site at which your child will attend.  Your child will return to their school of residence for Kindergarten unless you request a transfer for their Kindergarten year and are approved.


10 Things to  Know about Expanded Transitional Kindergarten

From EdSource, 12/12/22, by Karen D'Soouza

1. Why is early childhood education so significant? The first three years of life are often described as the brain’s window of opportunity, experts say, a time of great promise. The most critical growth happens at the beginning, with the size of the brain doubling in the first year. Given that 90% of brain growth happens before kindergarten, it’s important that children receive enough intellectual and social stimulation to help build the architecture of the brain. 

2. What is transitional kindergarten, or TK? Is it mandatory? TK is often described as a stepping stone between preschool and kindergarten, which is now more academically rigorous than it once was. Both TK and kindergarten are optional. Children are only required to attend school in California once they turn 6. Until that age, it is up to parents to decide whether to enroll their children in kindergarten or preschool or keep them at home. However, in recent years momentum has been building in the Legislature to make kindergarten both mandatory and full-day in an attempt to help close the widening achievement gap.

3. Is TK free? How is it paid for?  Children can attend TK at no cost because it is part of California’s K-12 public school system. Districts receive funding for TK students based on average daily attendance.

4. Why was TK created in the first place?  TK came about after the Legislature approved the Kindergarten Readiness Act in 2010.  Until then, children who were 4 years old on Sept. 1 could still enroll in regular kindergarten as long as they turned 5 by Dec. 2 of that year. But the new law changed that. Beginning in 2012, children had to be 5 by Sept. 1 to enroll in kindergarten.  That switch left out about 100,000 children, forcing them to wait an extra year to start school. Transitional kindergarten was originally established in 2012 to serve these 4-year-olds, the ones who would have previously been eligible for kindergarten. Teachers often referred to these students as “the fall babies.”

5. What is the difference between the original TK program and the new transitional kindergarten program?  TK originally served only 100,000 children, primarily those who turn 5 between Sept. 2 and Dec. 2. These are the students who narrowly missed the cutoff date for regular kindergarten. The new $2.7 billion universal TK program, by contrast, will eventually be available to every 4-year-old in California, serving nearly 400,000 students. It will essentially function as California’s version of a universal preschool program, available to all children regardless of income.

6. How long will it take for the expanded transitional kindergarten program to be fully rolled out?  The plan is to gradually phase in younger students each year until all 4-year-olds are eligible by 2025-26. However, some school districts are ahead of the curve, having already expanded TK to most 4-year-olds. Check with your local district for details.

7. Will TK be a full-day or a half-day program?  TK, like kindergarten, is a local choice of full-day or part-day. However, many districts offer before- and after-school services through the state’s Expanded Learning Opportunities program.

8. Do children in TK have to meet the same vaccination requirements as in regular kindergarten?  Yes. The same vaccination criteria apply. 

9. What can parents do to help prepare their children for starting transitional kindergarten?  There are many skills children can practice at home, from cutting with safety scissors and holding a pencil to using a glue stick. All of these activities help build fine motor skills. On the academic front, teachers recommend that parents spark early math skills by counting things around the house and talking about bigger versus smaller. Reading is also key. Spend quality time cuddled up with a book every day so that children associate reading with warmth, affection and fun. 

10. What’s often the biggest challenge for families?  Separating from parents and guardians is often the biggest hurdle for children who haven’t been going to day care or preschool, experts say. While this milestone can be tear-filled for parents and children alike, it doesn’t last forever. Just say your goodbyes, teachers advise, and let the staff handle it. The longer you linger, they warn, the harder it will be on both of you.  

Welcome to Silverwood! 

Below you will find instructions and documents to complete enrollment for any student in grades K-5 who is new to MDUSD.  Our goal is to offer a contact-free process, but please reach out to us if you require assistance:

Kim Lohse, Silverwood Secretary

Kim Currey, Silverwood Office Manager

Office (925) 687-1150

Kindergarten and Grades 1-5

Please begin with our Instructions/Checklist page, which will guide you step by step through enrollment.  

If you intend to request a transfer to/from another MDUSD school, please first complete your enrollment process with your school of residence.  Transfer requests for K-5 were open from February 10, 2022, to March 10, 2022 for the 2022-2023 school year.  Please click the link below to inquire about late requests.

Transfer Requests

Completed Registration/Enrollment packets can be placed in an envelope and dropped off to our main office between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm M-F.  Documents can also be uploaded into your AIR enrollment.

Instructions and Checklist

AIR Online Registration link

(AIR is only required if your child has never attended any school/program in MDUSD.  If they have prior participation in MDUSD, skip this step.)

Home Language Survey

K Information Page  (only required for K)

Physician's Report (required for enrollment; date can be up to 6 months prior to the first day of school) - English       Spanish

Immunization Requirements 

Public Health Immunization Clinics link

Dental Report (required by May 31 of the first year a student is enrolled; date can be up to 12 months prior to the first day of school) - English      Spanish

Alternate Household Income

Food Services link

Residency Verification form

Office Staff Butterfly Costumes

Map of Silverwood


TK/K Supply List (no changes for 22-23)

1st Grade Supply List (updated for 22-23)

2nd Grade Supply List (updated for 22-23)

3rd (Boustead) Supply List (updated for 22-23)

3rd (Brandt) Supply List (updated for 22-23)

3rd (Dunne) Supply List (updated for 22-23)

4th/5th Grade Supply List (updated for 22-23)

Alas Supply List (updated for 22-23)


The office cannot dispense medication without the “Authorization to Administer Medication during School Hours” form, Part II filled out by your physician.  Children are not allowed to have medication in their backpack, on their body, or in their desk without a doctor's authorization. 

MDUSD Intradistrict Transfer Request Windows will be open as follows:

Secondary (grades 6-12): October 15, 2022 - November 15, 2022

Elementary: February 10, 2023 - March 10, 2023

For further transfer information, please visit MDUSD's Transfer Page