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Silverwood Elementary School

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 Please report all absences to the main office at (925) 687-1150 or email within 72 hours. Include your student's name, teacher, and reason for absence. Thank you!

Skyhawk Pledge

Today I will do my best to be MY best.

What I do today will make a difference in my life.

My choices will affect me and those around me.

I will listen.  I will follow directions.

I will be honest and kind.  I will respect the rights of others.

I will learn something new today, because today matters.

My future is built one day at a time.

Updated 6/4/2020

Enrollment procedure while we are on limited in-person accessibility:

To begin, please fill out an online enrollment at (If your student has ever received services or attended any MDUSD school, your student will already have an ID number.  So skip this step, and instead, provide us the location and year in which your child attended MDUSD.)

Next, view the following instructions, gather documents together, and print and complete the TK/K Info document and Home Language Survey.

Enrollment Instructions

TK and K Info Document

Home Language Survey

The combination of documents you'll provide as instructed above and the documents you'll fill out, also provided above, will be a complete enrollment upon receipt in the Silverwood office.

We will be making phone calls to families who have completed an online enrollment to schedule an appointment for collection of a complete packet.  Please have everything together at once so that we can make appointments quick and minimize in-person risk during current Covid-19 guidelines.  

Please email if you have questions or if your student does not need an online enrollment due to having attended or received services in our school district in the past. 

We look forward to welcoming our new Skyhawk families!

Office Staff Butterfly Costumes

The office cannot dispense medication without the “Authorization to Administer Medication during School Hours” form, Part II filled out by your physician.  Children are not allowed to have medication in their backpack, on their body, or in their desk without a doctor's authorization. 

Breakfast is served for the first 10 minutes of morning recess and costs $2.00 daily.  

Lunch times vary for each grade and costs $3.25 daily.