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Contact Christy Alas  Christy Alas Second Grade Teacher
Contact Kacie Boustead  Kacie Boustead Third Grade Teacher
Contact Zelah Brandt  Zelah Brandt Third Grade Teacher
Contact Jenni Brennan  Jenni Brennan First Grade Teacher
Contact Barbara Cabrera  Barbara Cabrera First Grade Teacher
Contact Tricia Collins  Tricia Collins Second Grade Teacher
Contact Gina Del Bene  Gina Del Bene First Grade Teacher
Contact Jennifer Dunne  Jennifer Dunne Third Grade Teacher
Contact Chiara Falcone  Chiara Falcone Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Natalie Gold  Natalie Gold Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Joan Grohman  Joan Grohman Resource Specialist Teacher
Contact Shelley Harrison  Shelley Harrison Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Terri Huston  Terri Huston SDC Teacher
Contact Roxayn King  Roxayn King Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Steve Mires  Steve Mires First Grade Teacher
Contact Christy Reams  Christy Reams Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Jenny Ross  Jenny Ross ELD Teacher
Contact Kristy Smith  Kristy Smith SDC Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Swanson  Elizabeth Swanson Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Tang  Elizabeth Tang Second Grade Teacher
Contact Lorna Tyrrell  Lorna Tyrrell Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Kristin Uchida  Kristin Uchida Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Heather Van Buskirk  Heather Van Buskirk Second Grade Teacher
Contact Karith Vera  Karith Vera Fifth Grade Teacher
Administration & Office 

Principal: Julie Johnson

Office Manager: Kim Currey

Secretary: Kim Lohse

Phone (925) 687-1150

Campus Map

Map of Silverwood

Contact Eve Albright  Eve Albright Vocal Music
Contact Andrea Fitzgerald  Andrea Fitzgerald Speech
Contact Liz McLean  Liz McLean Librarian
Contact Diana Nachajski  Diana Nachajski District Nurse
Contact Jennifer Ross  Jennifer Ross ELD Teacher
Contact Nancy Wallin  Nancy Wallin Counselor
Contact Joffria Whitfield  Joffria Whitfield Instrumental Music Teacher
Contact Jessica Zonker  Jessica Zonker OT

Lads & Lassies On-Site Daycare

(925) 687-4550