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PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports)

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Preparing classroom rosters is a collaborative effort involving staff and administrators.  The process often takes several weeks, involving many contributing factors including but not limited to: personalities of student and teacher, students receiving exceptional services, the number of students being pulled out for small group instruction, the number of boys and girls and academic levels of each, relationships between fellow students, and the social habits of students.

Requesting a change in your child's classroom impacts the classroom they'd leave, the classroom they'd potentially move to, the scheduling of students in each classroom, the schedule of supports for each classroom, the culture of each classroom, and possibly even the schedule of each teacher.  

Before requesting this kind of change, we suggest the following:

1) Meet with the current teacher with an open mind to voice your concern.  Be very specific.

2) Consider that learning to adapt to multiple teachers with different personalities is excellent social development as well as preparation for middle school.

3) Establish a communication plan with the teacher in regards to providing updates in the area of concern.

4) Remember that we have the same goal - for your child to reach their full potential while receiving a world-class education in a safe and nurturing environment.