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The Tracy Rivas Fund was established in 2015 after the Silverwood Community lost a teacher and friend, Tracy Rivas, to colon cancer on October 1, 2014.  The fund was brought to life after Tracy's family requested that all donations made in her passing be gifted to the Silverwood PTA.  In the spirit of Tracy's philosophy of teaching - that children learn better with hands-on experience - teachers can make funding requests to enhance learning in their classrooms.

If you'd like to see your student's name on the Silverwood marquee, please print and fill in the pertinent sections of Your Name in Lights.  Messages will run beginning on a Monday through the week of the student's birthday. The cost is $10, and requests are due the Friday prior to the week you'd like the message displayed.

Our PTA plans so many exciting events for our students, and help with costs of many others!  Here is a list of many of those events:

Turkey Trot

Flamingo Flocking

Boo Buckets

Skyhawk Carnival

Dine and Donate

Readers are Winners

Talent Show


Kindergarten Tile Wall

Information & Links

PTA Organizational Goals

Silverwood PTA ( is a parent-led volunteer organization that is run in collaboration with Silverwood teachers and staff.  Our PTA is part of the California PTA ( and the National PTA (  The goals of PTA are to:

  • Provide financial assistance for educational and staff support
  • Sponsor special events that directly benefit students, families and the community
  • Provide funds for enriching projects
  • Promote and practice inclusiveness
  • Promote and build family engagement to foster positive outcomes for every child.
Board Officers

Members of the executive board are specified in the association bylaws. The officers, chairmen of standing committees, the principal of the school, or a representative appointed by the principal, and a teacher representative, and/or student representative(s) all of whom shall be members of that PTA/PTSA.  The board should reflect the school community.

Our PTA can be reached by emailing

Current Officers

President ~ Melinda Cassin

Vice President ~ Daniel Priego

Vice President of Fundraising ~ Tish Soccol

Secretary/Historian ~ Geneve Vergara

Treasurer ~ Andrea Koehler

Parliamentarian ~ Cora MItchell

Membership & Meetings

The PTA meets the second Thursday of each month in the Library at 7:00 pm.  Check the website at for updated information on special meetings.  If you can’t attend the meetings there are many other ways you can support our school: 

  • Buy a membership for $10.00 (please visit our website)
  • Volunteer at PTA-sponsored events such as the Turkey Trot and the Skyhawk Carnival
  • Participate in school fundraisers throughout the year (Flamingo Flocking, Dine and Donate, Otis Spunkmeyer)
  • Volunteer in your child’s classroom or chaperone on a field trip.